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Kids get hands-on training at summer science camp

School may be out for the summer but students in Clarkston are still learning. These little scientists took part in a four-day summer camp at Grantham Elementary this week. The Washington State Department of Education provided a grant of nearly $550,000 to make it happen. The large grant pays for teachers to be part of the summer program, as well as substitute teachers during the school year and school supplies.

“And the purpose of the grant is really to move the next generation science standards, which were recently adopted by the state of Washington,” said Andy Cavagnetto, associate professor in the WSU College of Education. “With that, there’s some shifts in what is being taught, and how science instruction should look.”

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Saving fish, amphibians, reptiles from pandemic

Jesse Brunner
Jesse Brunner

Jesse Brunner, assistant professor of biology, is part of an international effort to find out why ranaviruses, a group of DNA-based pathogens that can infect and destroy virtually every tissue throughout the bodies of amphibians, fish and reptiles, are deadly when introduced to certain animal species and habitats but are relatively benign in others. » More …

How Instagram Made Basketball Fans See Black Dads

Players are providing lasting examples of loving relationships with their children that debunk decades of racist narratives about their absence.

David Leonard
David Leonard

The NBA, a league filled with young, wealthy black men, seems like the perfect place to celebrate black fatherhood. Instead, for decades NBA dads have been cultural punching bags, celebrity straw men for arguments about the pathology of black families. But this season, which concluded this week with the Golden State Warriors’ historic championship, a new story has emerged. Warriors star Steph Curry’s daughter, Riley, is winning the Internet. Derrick Rose’s son is a fan favorite. Chris Paul’s 6-year-old is appearing alongside his dad in TV commercials, and has more than 220,000 followers on Instagram. » More …