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Nov. 30: Political science prof to appear on C-SPAN’s ‘Landmark Cases’

9 p.m. ET, C-SPAN

Carolyn Long
Carolyn Long

Carolyn Long, associate professor in the School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs, will appear in an episode of a new television series produced by C-SPAN in cooperation with the National Constitution Center. “Landmark Cases” features 12 of the Supreme Court’s most significant decisions. It will introduce viewers to the people who sparked the cases, the key lawyers and justices, the time period in which the case reached the Supreme Court, and the court’s decision and its impact. » More …

Voter poll: Ben Carson’s appeal runs deep in Texas

Matthew Sutton
Matthew Sutton

Candidate Ben Carson is tied for second place in Texas voting polls, and the conventional wisdom says his unlikely candidacy is faltering. Yet his recent tribulations seem only to have deepened the commitment of the Carson faithful, many of them evangelical Christians who, just as they have a personal relationship with Jesus, also have a personal relationship with Ben, via videos, his seminal texts — “Gifted Hands” and eight other books — his nurturing Facebook presence, and one particular moment when he appeared to challenge President Obama’s approach to leading the country. » More …

10 Things You Need To Know About Washington’s Innovative Parole Program

Hamilton and van Wormer
Hamilton, left, and van Wormer

Handling parole violations fairly and predictably is hard.

For example, a violation could be a missed check-in or a failed drug test. Depending on the parole officer’s prerogative, it might be the first missed check-in, the fourth or even sixth that triggers an official sanction. Once in front of a judge, the punishment may be disproportionate to the minor infraction, if the judge hands down a sanction at all. To say the least, it’s a subjective and uncertain process for all parties involved. » More …

Body Politics: Disability in America

Jenifer Barclay
Jenifer Barclay

The impact of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is visible in parking lots, bathrooms, and public buildings across the country. But for centuries before the ramps and signs were erected, disabled people had to find their own ways to navigate American society. » More …

Profs to share active-learning success stories

Donelle Dee C. Posey
Dee Posey

Two WSU professors are getting remarkable results as they reinvent the traditional classroom—and will share their experiences at the next faculty-led workshop.

Clinical Associate Psychology Professor Dee Posey is the undergraduate program director for psychology, a member of the WSU Teaching Academy, and a winner of the 2014 CAS Excellence in Teaching by a Clinical Faculty Member award. » More …