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On the Washington Post Redskins Poll

By C. Richard King, professor of comparative ethnic studies at WSU and author or editor of more than a dozen books, including Team Spirits: The Native American Mascots Controversy.

Richard King
Richard King

For many, the key take away of the recent survey conducted by the Washington Post is that the vast majority of American Indians do not take offense at the name of the local professional football team. In fact, for some, the poll sounds a death knell for the movement against the slur at the heart of the franchise and has even convinced at least one vocal opponent on staff at the Post to rethink his position. To my mind, all of these readings miss the mark. Most importantly, they miss the harms it excuses and perpetuates. » More …

Donald Trump must push back quickly against TV attack ads, experts say

Travis Ridout
Travis Ridout

Donald Trump, the ostensible Republican presidential nominee, proved mostly immune to TV attack ads in the primary race, able to use his dominance of social media to respond with a single tweet that would not only reach his more than 8 million Twitter followers but get repeated across every news medium. » More …

WSU Vancouver graduation ‘an emotional day’

Grads celebrate bonds with family, fellow students, face challenge to help ‘transform our world’

Nearly 1,000 WSU Vancouver students graduated Saturday.

Shortly before taking the stage at the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater, Debika Finucane, a 21-year-old psychology student, looked at Paula Achter, 62, who after eight years was receiving a certificate in human development. “We made it, Paula,” Finucane said.

“We did; we all made it,” Achter replied. » More …

TRIO helps Tri-Cities student overcome troubled past

Manny Garcia
Manny Garcia

Within the confines of his cold, concrete prison cell, Emmanuel “Manny” Garcia found himself seven years ago contemplating the depths of his reality.

Following the death of his father in 2000, he got involved with the wrong crowd and started abusing drugs. In 2009, he was found guilty of theft of firearms and burglary and began serving a sentence at Airway Heights Corrections Center in Spokane, Wash. » More …