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New art exhibition at WSU Tri-Cities ponders impact of ‘the cloud’

Peter Christenson
Peter Christenson

Joe Batt drew a picture on a brick wall in downtown Olympia about a year ago. It was charcoal, life size—featuring a boy with a satellite attached to his head.

Batt, an artist and instructor at South Puget Sound Community College, has been meditating on the impact of Wi-Fi technology and devices on the culture and daily life. In a new exhibition at The Art Center at WSU Tri-Cities, he uses images like the one on the Olympia wall to provoke thought and inspire conversation. » More …

Survey helps people see where they stand with presidential candidates

Travis Ridout
Travis Ridout

Voter surveys of the presidential race have come a long way in the 80 years since The Literary Digest predicted Alf Landon would make Franklin Roosevelt a one-term president.

FDR actually won the 1936 race in a landslide and The Literary Digest poll became a notorious example of what happens when a survey doesn’t contact a diverse enough group people. » More …

Prehistoric Buzz Shark Has Modern-Day Hero in Artist Ray Troll

How a fine arts alum helped solve an old mystery in paleontology.

Paleo-artist and WSU fine arts alumnus Ray Troll’s obsession began way back in 1993, when he spotted what he calls a “strange doorstop” in the basement of the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum. “It was a beautiful whorl… I thought it was a big snail,” he says now, recollecting the moment when he visited the museum for a book he was working on.

"A Man, a Shark, and Twenty Years, 2013". (Ray Troll,
“A Man, a Shark, and Twenty Years, 2013”. (Ray Troll,

» More …